I'm giving away!

Can you handle this?
What do you think? I think I'm not quite legit enough a blogger to be giving things away. But I feel like it, so I shall! What do I have to lose?


Oh you know, just one totally complimentary photoshoot!

This photoshoot that you win can be of
a) yourself
b) yourself & a significant other
c) your children
d) a gift to someone

This does not include family photos, unless you are a family of two (:


leave a comment!
to receive multiple tickets you can:
a) follow my blog.
b) follow my photography blog.
c) 'like' ChelsieClarkePhotography on fb.
d) post something about this giveaway on YOUR blog (with a link).

thats up to 5 tickets per person!

for each of the above that you did (yes, you can do ALL of them!) add another comment saying that you did so!

If you are in Southern California, ENTER! If you are in Utah, ENTER! This is for all! Winner(s) will be chosen the 5th of June, you have until then! Tell your friends, tell your cousins, tell the world!


Bethany said...

1) I follow your blog already. hello.
2) I'm commenting. I've told you, and I' I'll tell you again and again - I want to be just like you when I grow up. You know how much I love you.
3) I'm posting this on my blog, tonight. you can go check at :
4) I think having some nice pictures of myself might make me feel a little better about myself, which I could really use right now in my life.
5) Sexy beth sexy beth sexy beth! choose sexy beth!
6) I am following your photography blog tonight too.
7) you already know I'm your fb fan...but more importantly your life fan.
8) i love you.
9) I'm jealous you went to disneyland today.
10) now there are ten reasons to pick me. oh, and I wear hot sexy red lipstick. You know you want to take pictures of me with my sexy red lipstick on.
the end.

Brittanie Buck said...

AH! This would be AMAZING!! Just got engaged so winning a free shoot would make my life complete (:

KP said...

i love you

Tyler and Erin said...

Love your pics and would LOVE to win!!

Tyler and Erin said...

Following your blog!

Tyler and Erin said...

Following your photography blog too.

Tyler and Erin said...

Liked, actually love :-), your facebook page. Would love a shoot of my girls!

Ashley said...

I want to winnnnnnnnnn.(: yay for photos!!

miss lex: said...

ah i would love to win :)

miss lex: said...

i'm a follower of your blog!

miss lex: said...

i'm also a follower of your photog blog!

miss lex: said...

oh, and i liked your fb page! yay for giveaways! :)

Chelsie.Nicole said...

Lets be honest here, I've been blog stalking you for as long as I've been blogging. So naturally, I'd already done more than half of those steps before this wonderful giveaway even started. I know, I'm a creep.

Chelsie.Nicole said...

Now I'm even more creepy because I finished all of them.

Elaine said...

My husb and I totally need some new pics! Me me!

Knapp Time said...

I would love love picture of my two kids together by YOU!

Ashley said...

Follower of your blog via GFC :)

Ashley said...

Follower of your Photography blog via GFC :)

You're amazing! :)


Ashley said...

This is awesome!

lindsay ivie said...

a) already follow and obsess over your blog. check.
b) totes following your other blog! check.
c) i like and love your page on facebook!! check.
d)finally gave me sometime to blog about!!

i'd looveeeee to win girl!

Hollie said...

I already follow your reg. blog. DUH! and I liked you on fb before you told me to like you. But now I follow your other blog. and i bloggity blogged about you! now follow my blog :) haha.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

What a great giveaway! :) I follow your adorable blog.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I also follow your photo blog :)
*fingers crossed*

Jennica Nielsen said...

Follow Both Blogs.
You are liked on Facebook.
I like you. And your work.
and i'd LIKE to win this shoot!!

Ali said...

I always try to be the first to text the winning answer at a basketball game, or be caller number 10 on the radio. This far I have not won a thing. However I feel my luck is changing! I have been following your photography blog for quite some time and would love to win a photo shoot with you! Hopefully the lucky cards are in my hand this time and I win!
* I've liked you fb
* Followed you blog
* Also followed your photography blog
* posted a little bit on my blog
* and for the fifth ticket here is my comment!

Mandy said...

Chelsie, how funny. I am good friends with Nick and a follower on my blog told me about this giveaway. Small world right? Your photography is lovely. I would give it to my gorgeous sister, who is pregnant.

Birrell Family said...

I will cross my fingers and toes and hope for a win!

Brenda Birrell