Happy Birthday Bobalin!

You might think that Bobalin is a strange name for a woman. It truly isn't her real name. I made it up... a long time ago. Since then its been shortened to bobby & sometimes just bob. How did I come up with the name? Thats a good quesiton, I have no idea, I tend to give people random names, such as Sloaney Bologna, Kellular Cellular, Ochi-Kotchi Totino, etc etc. Some make more sense than other. THE POINT IS. I also have a habit of becoming best friends with women in their 50's. Bobalin happens to be one of these amazing people that I can't stand to stray from. She is hilarious & everything I hope to be when I'm 50+, including, but not limited to, the insane amounts of vacationing & a wonderful outlook on life. Her husband, Steve (who's real name is Kevin), is pretty great too & allows her to be this awesome, which is great. The most hilarious text messages I have ever received, have been from her. I don't really know where I'm going with this, other than Bobalin is the most hilarious, witty, headstrong, adventurous, COOLEST 50 somethin year old I know & seeing as I am away, I just wanted to publicly wish her the greatest birthday she ever did have (even though it was yesterday). Anyone reading this would be greatly privileged to know Bobalin, I hope one day you all get a taste of what I'm talking about. I'm sure you will though, when you see her on your flat screens only years from now, when she is leading the world in extravagant efforts to promote green peace. But really, she was "go green' WAY before it was trendy.

Here is a visual of our friendship.
Please take into consideration that this is in the midst of days of camping.


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Deb said...

wow..I am speechless. I am going to have the fam use it as my eulogy ( minus the picture of course!) Many, many made my day - as always. bob