You wish you apart of THIS date night.

Mimi has been like... gone... for the past two months basically. Finally she decided to come back. We took each other out on a date tonight, I took her to the movies, complete with a large popcorn & drink, & she took me to dinner at my new favorite restaurant (see, a reason to keep reading).

First, we saw THIS:
To begin, I've never seen any of the Twilight movies. I refuse. Don't get me wrong, I'm just like most of the other female population, loved the books like no one's business, though I just couldn't justify seeing the movies with the HORRIBLE cast they chose. n-a-s-t-y. HOWEVER, you know he was good if even I approve of Robert Pattison in this movie. He & my favorite ever since Legally Blonde, actress, Reese Witherspoon (the reason we went the movie in the first place) had total chemistry. And as Mimi continually leaned over to tell me throughout the show "This movie is really well done!"

As I've stated previously in this blog, as well as many of my friends know. I'm pretty much INFATUATED when it comes to the Olympics, oh, and Elephants.

The elephant in this is freaking sweet. Everything about this movie was great. Go see it.
I dare you.

& then, we double featched it & also saw THIS:

Which has some extremely good looking people in it & is also totally hilarious, plus a tad cheesy. Lovin a good chick flick!

Are you ready for the best part of the night?

I officially have a new favorite restaurant! And with only a month left in California, I am beside myself that I hadn't discovered it sooner! Though, that is probably a good thing, its saved my bank account for sure.

It is called, The Counter.

BASICALLY, its a place that completely customizes your burger. You know like create-a-pasta at Mac Grill? Yeah, like that, BUT BETTER. Now, I might be biased, seeing as I have a total thing for burgers (just ask my mother), but stay with me here & tell me that you aren't dying to try this place out. For starters, when we walked in a half hour before closing (sorry workers!) the host man asked us if we wanted to sit at the bar (without a doubt that we were 21+)... granted, we did realized that we aren't that far from that age anymore (which is totally bizzarre, cuz I'm pretty sure I was riding my scooter to 3rd grade like... last year) but it's still pretty cool. THEN there were these two totally very and completely attractive bar tenders/waiters who helped us order. They began by asking us what kind of beer or wine they could get for us (again, without a doubt, & I know its not that great, but we DID get a kick out of it).. we went with chocolate milkshake instead of alcoholic beverages.. :P After we ordered, we watched D.Beck tear it up on the field, via the flat screen in front of our faces. That man is too hott for words. Oh, yeah, back to the burgers.

Okay so I ordered THIS:

1/3 lb beef patty on a wheat bun, lettuce, fresh brie, dried cranberries & honey mustard dressing, with a side of grilled pineapple (just for kicks).
YUM. Tell me that doesn't look too deliciously gourmet. (even in a phone picture)

Mims got some Jalapeno dealio with all kinds of customs, I'm not one for spicy stuff but hers ALSO looked delicious!

Side of tasty sweet potato fries. I'm telling you, I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to regular fries, are you with me? Are they not the greatest food invention since pre-sliced bread!?

AND THEN! We ordered a chocolate milk shake. This wasn't just any chocolate milk shake though. Somehow, it was filled with these tiny ice crystal things, that as soon as they touched your tongue, they'd melt. What a delicious senstation! Noted, a similar experience to the luxurious Frrrozen Hot Chocolate! (& that's saying SOMETHING.) Now, it wasn't exactly the same, as far as the ice goes, because, even though the F.H.C. is by far the best ice cream experience to ever of been had, this milkshake was different, they were litterally the perfect temperature in that the SECOND these babies hit your tongue, they melted. You didn't have to crunch down on them. I don't know how else to explain it other than it was spectacular.

It's not over people. One of the hot bar tender men... oh yeah, with his sly smile, he added in as he was handing us the check "shake's on me ladies." Wasn't that just the cherry on top to one of the top dates I'VE ever been on!?

(not to mention came home, snuggled up & laughed our
heads off watching What Happens In Vegas!)



lindsay ivie said...

i gotta say. i am super jealous about this date.
and that burger place? LOOKS AMAZING. i want to go to california just for that...i looked at the menu and wanted to start crying.

Paige said...

I wanna go on that date but you really helped me to imagine that I was on it. You blogger you. I have to confess... everytime I open your blog... alot. I always leave it open for a long time cuz I love your music. Thank you for brightening my day!!!!