Coconut Cupcakes.

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Other than work, Friday was not one of my high points in the week. Saturday however, a completely different story. To begin, I slept in, until my heart's desire, 10:30 am. Jumped in the car & met up with some lovely ladies from Utah.
(yes, Taylor came yet again! wahoo!)

Doesn't taylor look obese in this photograph?
Double Ray-Bans.
So that's basically what the beach portion of the day looked like. It was all fun and games after I had searched for parking near huntington pier for basically a half hour. Thats what surf-city USA will do to ya on a Saturday afternoon, during a long weekend.

Then, the day got EVEN BETTER. (if you can imagine such a thing)
Checked in at none other than the famous cupcake bakery SPRINKLES.
I purchased Coconut, a personal favorite.
Thats what a table full of sugary treats looked like after us girls sat down for about 30 seconds.
We then of course went to feed my addiction, shopping.

Somehow, my bank account & the money residing is still intact. Megs & I stopped in at 41 Olive on the way to the car, while we restrained ourselves from joining Taylor in Urban, seeing as we knew we wouldn't be able to leave the story without a bag in hand, plastic swiped. 41 Olive is this great specialty Oil & Vinegar place. They have flavored oils & vinegar, such as raspberry balsamic & even dark chocolate! I for one grew up with bread in hand, dish of olive oil & balsamic vinegar in front of me, so I was very interested to try this sensation! I have to say, I was impressed, the subtle flavors are so refreshing & fun! One of these bottles would definitely make a great gift.

However, we got out of there without spending a penny & made our way over to another round at The Counter. I discovered this glorious restaurant a few weeks ago & couldn't seem to stray from the exact same masterpiece I customized last time. Although, I did switch out my wheat bun for Ciabatta bread. YUM.

Yet another fabulous weekend in sunny Southern California. T-minus two(ish) weeks until I return to average Provo :(

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Erika Rae said...

K. I want to know who that guy is that is behind you in your coconut cupcake picture. bahah do you know him? love this. and love your life.