Weekend with the fam!

Soundtrack: Emily Brown - Song of an Insomniac

The fam came into town last weekend.
1. to belatedly celebrate my birthday & 2. to celebrate mom's graduation!

A handful of the bajillion things we did include:

Sat in long lines @ Six Flags.
Bought sprinkles! (& even brought some back to Utah for Taylor's birthday!)
we annihilated those cupcakes!

went to the swap-meet, got a bunch of new scooter parts for Cameron... then he showed us his scootering skills. (this kid is pretty good, no lie.)
enjoyed the angles vs. redsox game - nick even sang 'take me out to the ball game' @ the top of his lungs with me! (don't worry, we had cam wear his Yankees hat, so no one mistook us for sox fans, since I didn't have time to go home & get my angels gear on)
ran around the aquarium.
mostly we devoted our time to finding the strangest looking fish! that first photo are sharks in egg sacks (or something like that). CRAZY right!? they were swimming around in there, SO COOL.
That is a GIANT shark jaw.
giant squid, HUGE eel, and even BIGGER ginormous fish.
these two & I are suckers for a good aquarium.

took some graduation photos for mama. hot right?
are my parents not SO cute? love them to pieces.
in addition to all of this, we ate out 235098 times, all delicious restaurants of course.
favorites include:
pizza & pazooki's @ BJ's
monte cristos for sunday brunch @ Cheesecake
the best chicken manicotti ever @ Sonny's
& of course, Yogurtland!

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Chere said...

I think you did our weekend there justice - you just forget to put the swap meet in there and the mormon battalion exhibit - we were very busy! No time for hanging out at the pool! You should have put the pic of you and the boys sleeping on the same bed at the first hotel! xoxoxo