Paper Schmaper the 2nd.

Soundtrack: The Kooks - Seaside

So that whole 7:30 plan didn't really work out, it never does. Although I spent hours upon hours in front of my computer, I didn't get the large portion of my paper completed until after 2 a.m. I wish I could blame Mark Zuckerburg, but in all reality I'd undoubtedly find something else to distract me if the social networking site wasn't available. However, when I got to work, G was thankfully still asleep, granting me a few more hours to work on my paper. He got 13 hours of rest in comparison to my 4 and a half! Just as I finished up the concluding sentence, he emerged from his room, this has been our conversation so far

G: "Lets go get a waffle downstairs! That would be a good idea!"
Me: "Okay, what color of plate do you want it on?"
G: "Lellow, like bananas, I like bananas, bananas are yummy. It would be a good idea if I ate a banana after eating my waffle right Chelsie?"

My job still rocks.

Also, I think its time I tried baking cupcakes again... I've decided to do some research before this attempt:
Shout out to both Mikelle & Nickolas for their necessary assistance in writing my term paper. Oh, and Google Docs? Coolest thing ever. Welcome to the future people.


Erika Rae said...

Um. Cupcakes this summer please? Like lots? I'm already finding different reciepes online that I want to make. I have yet to actually make a pretty cupcake. I need to learn from the best (:

Anonymous said...

loooove that picture. it made me smile!
oh and i looove seaside- the kooks. =)