Pancakes & Princes.

Although I may not be making money this week.. how wonderful have these past three work-free days been!?

This morning, I woke up promptly at 8:30am & made my way over to Mom Lark's house with Tory to watch the gorgeous Kate & Will tie the knot.
My favorite was the "unprecedented" second kiss on the balcony.
& Isn't DVR a wonderful thing!? Forget 1:00am we were well rested & well fed!

We threw together a pan of German Pancakes!
Cant go wrong with perfectly cooked bacon on the side.

Let's be honest though, what I was most concerned about was seeing this dashing fellow!
Do you see this suit? This french cuffed red head is MY royal wedding crush! Forget prince William, Harry is hot stuff. What can I say? I'm known to have a thing for red heads.

Okay, I was a little excited to see this sexy couple too...
Didn't you just love seeing all the funky hats that everyone was wearing! Hilarious!

I know spending my morning this way was nothing unique, but it was too fun not to be shared.

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