No good deed goes unpunished.

Conference Sunday is supposed to be harmless, right? Wrong. Very wrong.

Sunday morning, 8 a.m.

My friend Scott, who happens to be an investigator is a Marine, living on base at Camp Pendelton. He couldn't find a ride to watch conference, so I told him I'd drive down & pick him up, bring him to my house to watch Conference with the Hartley's & I. No big deal right? Waking up a little bit earlier wont hurt.

I was running a bit late, wanted to make it back from picking him up before conference started, so I quickly threw on my sweats & jumped in my car, didn't bother to grab my bag or anything. I've never been on a military base before, wasn't sure what I needed to do or what to expect. As I was pulling up to the guard gate, I called Scott, asking him what I needed to tell them, or what I needed to do. As I pull up to the gate the guy says "You can't be on your cell phone." I told Scott he'd have to text me the directions to his place & hung up with him. He then asked me for my ID, I then realized I hadn't brought it with me. He told me they could just look it up & asked me to pull into the parking lot next to the gate. I did.

He & another officer proceded to ask me all these weird questions, "Are you left handed, or right handed?" "What color are your eyes?" "How tall are you?" - this continued for over a half hour. Finally one of them came back & asked me to sign these two papers, I thought they were FINALLY giving me clearance to go into the base - nope. Me, "What are these?" Him, "These are citations for your offenses."

Here I am, completely SHOCKED. He was handing me nearly $400 dollars in citations. One for talking on my cell phone & the other for driving without a physical copy of my license. I had no idea that this is what I was waiting for the whole time! So now, I get to go to court - but that can't be easy, nope. I have to drive ALL the way down to San Diego, TWICE. Let's all pray that I can fight them & win so I don't have to pay the additional $400 dollars in fines. Not to mention I've never even received a ticket before, I had a completely clean driving slate.. this is how I get my first two offenses!?

... Oh well, what can ya do? At least I now have an excuse to go play in San Diego. I guess I'll make a day trip out of it. :P haha

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