Nanny by day, shopping student by night!

Soundtrack: Emily Brown - Alright
(PLEASE go check her out! Local Provo artist, SO good)

Since this little cutie is sawing logs next to me (literally, this kid snores louder than anyone I've ever heard), & Hope is sleeping upstairs, I get to surf the web & catch up on blogging a bit!
today I did a springtime shoot of G & his baby sister... looks like it wore him out!

isn't my job adorable? check out even cuter ones HERE.
I don't think I'll ever get sick of shooting them.

Let's see. Oh, I have inside information that the Fashion Island Anthropologie marked down quite a few items last night. Today's plan:

finish up work. go to school. straight to FI. hang out there for 3+ hours. make my way over to the newport LDS temple. how does that sound?

I think its a schedule I can work with.
No work the rest of the week = 85° BEACH DAYS!

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lindsay ivie said...

sometimes i just get the most envious of the life you live in California!