Just another Greg Laswell concert.

Once upon a time, Avalon, in Salt Lake City was my very favorite venue to attend concerts at. Times have changed. Troubadour, in West Hollywood.. DELIVERS FOOD to the stage. Here we are, sitting on the sidewalk, waiting to go into the venue, Taylor & myself on our iphones searching for the nearest business that sells food. We just happen to be on the outskirts of town, pretty much nothing is in walking distance.. we decide to just starve instead. Lo & behold, after going inside some guy walks up to us as we're leaning against the stage & asks us if we're hungry. "YES." He delivered us freshly made paninis & fries for only 7 bucks!

Sorry Avalon, Southern California just gave you a run for your money.

The lovely Aussie, Lenka opened the show. Can I just say.. her band mates.. totally worth $15 dollars a ticket just for the eye candy. (photos HERE) Not to mention, they all put on a very good show.

It wasn't much longer before Greg Laswell graced us with his presence.

PURE talent. I'm pretty sure Taylor was almost in tears.

I'm pretty sure you can hear her crying in the background of my video :P

Greg & myself had a little chit chat afterwards. I told him after seeing him live 4 times, its still not getting old, he reassured me he'd be back on the road in no time for a 5th attempt at blowing my musical mind. (Okay, maybe not those exact words)

We caught Lenka's band mates outside, though they had already changed out of their incredibly sexy skinny ties, slim cut suits & square toed shoes.

Mimi took this lovely picture of me basically falling into the fountain on our way back home. GREAT times.

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