I'm not a shop-a-holic.

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In addition to buying myself an iPhone 4 for my birthday...
(my new best friend by the way, androids just don't cut it. not to mention brand-new, for fifty bucks... yes please. )

I also treated myself to a new pair of these,
I've had my eye on some Sperry's for some time now, but you know me, I don't buy anything thats not on sale. Lucky for me, birthday money came in & so did these top-siders @ Nordstrom Rack.

Next on the list - dark blue gingham shirt.

(anthro) (j.crew)

Curse my expensive taste. Each of these (totally approved, I want them now!) are over $80. And all the inexpensive alternatives I found either had bad reviews, or were just awful. Banana's apparently makes you look pregnant, Old Navy's was too sheer of fabric & altogether cheap looking, Landsend was out of stock when it came to dark blue, Gap's was non-existant & Nordstrom's was still $60.

Anybody have any ideas?

*update! I GOT that anthro shirt on the left there, I'll tell ya now! I didn't pay $88 for it either!

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taylor morgan said...

i got mine from jcrew outlet store in PC for like 35!!!