I need to.

Soundtrack: Regina Spektor - Eet

1. Book my 2 flights to Utah (yay for shooting weddings!)
2. Actually purchase my new lens & flash.
3. Write my English paper.
4. Find the money for a Gym pass.

In the meantime.

THIS is a great suit. Have you ever seen light blue done so fantastically?
(skinny tie, tie bar, little detail in the left pocket, dark buttons)
If you happen to be this man, scruff & all. I'd like to marry you.
Oh, & Thursdays aren't coming fast enough these days. If you're looking for some eye candy, here you go.
Did anybody else think that the musical episode was kind of ridiculous?

G just walked up the stairs and said "hey there! what have you been up to?"
in his adorable 3 year old voice, followed by,
"you're my best friend. let's snuggle, ok?"
now he is sitting on my lap, singing the 'Team Umi-Zoomi" theme song.
LOVE my job.

1 comment:

Erika Rae said...

Um. Talk about attractive men. AND now I understand the whole 'dr. mcdreamy.'
Mmmmm. Love it.