every birthday needs a mustache.

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Here we go! Rewind last week, April 8th. BIRTHDAY! wahoo! Such a spectacular day went something like this..

woke up to a GIANT birthday balloon from Mims. (not to mention a bunch of elephant gifts baha)

was showered with gifts mailed & delivered! (ESPECIALLY thanks to Mitch & Cousin & the G-Parents)

I came downstairs to a BEAUTIFUL & DELICIOUS breakfast! My other mother, Linda seriously makes the best pancakes EVER. I guess she does this thing where she fries them in butter a little bit at the end... anyways, they're kinda crispy on the outside.. THEY ARE SO FREAKING GOOD.
worked all day, aka hung out with Garrett! He was telling me all day that it was my birthday party. I recorded it once, but I can't figure out how to post it on here.

BIRTHDAY DINNER! At BJ's ... I made a reservation that morning & turns out nobody wrote it down. COOL right? So my reservation for 20 people was no where in the system. It's okay though, within an hour they had fixed it & gave us appetizer samples to make it up to us.
Finished off the meal with pazooki's for everyone. I'm a "competitive eater" so they gave me my own... with a candle... which I forgot to make a wish on. Thank goodness for birthday candle apps on the iPhone or I may not have gotten a wish!

Here comes the best part. LASER TAG. Even better, is that they told me if I wore this giant sticker on my forehead, they'd let me play for free. Done & done.

To make a long story short, we basically just ran around the arena yelling and dancing in the black lights. All the little kids thought we were fabulous competition.

I was code name BELLATRIX. But I did not win.

Its okay though, they had a mustache vending machine to make up for it.

TOTALLY great birthday. Thank you everyone (:

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Katie Webber said...

Ahhh! I hope you had a great day! That sounds so fun! :)