Day Four.

Soundtrack: Cee Lo Green - Forget You

Today went like this:

Rainy walks down 5th ave.. shopping all along the way.

Lunch @ Rockefeller Plaza - delicious sandwich, delicious deli. Oh & remember THIS dress!? Yeah well I FOUND it at Anthropologie on 5th.. one left, just my size! Of course I got my mother on the phone, she was thrilled & offered to buy it for my birthday, which happens to be a week from today. WAHOO! We then made our way back to times square, acquiring about 5 more huge shopping bags along the way. (smiles)

Don't worry, when we got back to the room, popa had brought back gourmet platters of sweets & veggie dishes left over from his client meeting.. we indulged.

This is where it gets REALLY good. So... we then jumped in a stretch limo, like it was no big deal. Picked up popa's client & wife to drive around the island visiting art galleries, participating in fine dining... you know, the usual.

Fabulous gallery with some sweet artwork off of 27th & 10th. Sport'n the Ray-Ban artistic look, that & I was shooting without contacts, so it's kinda a must :P

Tyce practiced his photography skills too... taking photos like these while waiting for the limo. He's a natural, I know. It runs in the family.

We then drove down to Greenwich Village for an exceptional meal. Following, Ty & I jumped in a cab to get on the list at Serendipity 3 before the adults joined us. We shopped for another hour at Urban just like the night previous. I've spent WAY too much money. However, I WILL have a atheistically pleasing apartment this summer to show for it.

Round TWO. Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is just as good the second night in a row. I even bought a t-shirt because I loved it so much.

Today. Was... S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R. Living the New York life. I must say, I am definitely enjoying my stay.


taylor morgan said...

okay 1 i am jealous. 2 I HAVE A SERENDIPITY SHIRT! what does yours look like? mine says peace love serendipity..... twins???? or no!????

Erika Rae said...

Cousin! You are living my dream right now! I AM SO JEALOUS. have fun and don't get into too much debt (: I love you. Have too much fun.