Day Five.

Soundtrack: J. Cole - I'm Coming Home (rocked out to this at Yankee Stadium opening day)

Well today wasn't very monumental. Basically, we slept in & went to a late breakfast at Jamba.

Walked around TS a bit more. Took a cab to Canal Street to pick up a couple last minute items. Walked to Tribeca, went thrifting... aka replenished my skinny tie collection (don't ask me why I have one). Now I'm at JFK waiting to get on my flight to Orange County. At least I'm going home to sunshine right? All in all, I'm going home well-fed, a couple pounds heavier, an empty wallet, even more cultured than I was before - not to mention a whole bag full of new clothes & decor for the summer. Wonderful vacation, thank you popa (:

Stay tuned for photos from the weekend in UT previous to this fabulous trip.

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