Cars are not for sleeping.

Soundtrack: Rilo Kiley - Does He Love You?

Last night, after enjoying complimentary BJ's, I rolled into the driveway just after 11:30 pm. Much to my dismay, the door from the garage to the house was


I called mims a bajillion times... but no answer. Which led me to my latest & greatest adventure:

Sleeping in my car.

I failed at attempting to combat the cold, wearing all the layers of clothes available to me in my car, good thing I keep a disneyland sweatshirt in my car at all times right? Waking up every hour wasn't too bad, until 5:00 am rolled around and I had the unbelievably overwhelming need to use the restroom. HOWEVER, it was a bit too early to bang down the door, instead I watched the sunrise... & dang-it I should have taken a photograph because it was b-e-a-u-tiful.

I finally gave up the waiting game & disturbed the peace around 6:20 am, used the restroom & WENT BACK TO BED.

The afternoon then became self-proclaimed BEACH DAY. Which looked something along the lines of this:

Unfortunately I am fried to a crisp. Especially the back of my legs. Fortunately, it should turn to a warm brown color in just a few days.

As for now, I am taking an ice bath, smothering myself in this goopy green stuff & watching several episodes of The Kennedys. I have to get my 60's fashion fix somehow & seeing as Mad Men decided to kill me with anticipation I've resulted to this lovely couple:

I think we should result back to a 60's wardrobe entirely.
Agreed? (I have to admit, THESE are my favorite film strips of them)

Moral of the story, don't sleep in a car, its not worth it. Also, use sunscreen.

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taylor morgan said...

i wish my crispyness turned into a brown color! & i still wish i had your life... what i would have done today to be on the beach... sleeping in the car and all!