Came & went.

Soundtrack: Adele - Someone Like You

My weekend in Utah - came & went. To sum it up for you..

I got to hang out with my favorite people, a couple include:

Even took crazy pictures at 4 a.m. with these guys - laughed our heads off when Arthur said things like..

MM:"Woah, you have a long tongue." KP:"When you're making out with girls, can they breathe?" AS:"Depends on what kind of mood I'm in."
AS:"Pull this out & homeboy's gonna think twice."

We also ate some expensive chocolate & played with a taser. He even showed us THIS awesome video. Watch it. It's worth it.

I had the pleasure of visiting my other home in Utah, Park City. Like usual. Kicked it with Mitchell & Autumn, which was lovely. For some reason, I always find myself up there...
And all the while I was doing loads & loads of work. Photoshoots in between all the rain & snow storms. This gorgeous couples engagements:
& even a quick shoot of my most ADORABLE little brothers.

Now I'm back in the OC. Currently kick'n it with my best 3 year old friend Garrett, how will I survive when leave here for good?

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