Anthro strikes again.

Soundtrack: Death Cab For Cuite - A Diamond and a Tether

Made a quick stop into the most wondrous mall yesterday, Fashion Island in Newport Beach.. more specifically the Anthropologie located in FI. As you know, from previous posts, I tend to spend a lot of time in this store, especially in the sale section, I've purchased everything from lampshades for 2.89 to one hundred & eighty dollar blazers for 9.99. I made yet another fabulous purchase last night. Bedding. Duvet cover AND shams for just 100 dollars. Pretty sure thats about 200 dollars off. Do you like?

Now I just need to accessorize it. I'm thinking I'll buy charcoal grey sheets & throw some grey pillows on there. I also think I want to bring in some greens/blues for some pops of color. Good thing has all kinds of pillows on sale!
I can hardly wait for my living arrangements this summer. Cheep place (very cheep, as in we're getting what we're paying for), surrounded my very best friends. I think we'll go for shabby-chic. :P

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Erika Rae said...

Again. So incredibly jealous. Good thing I'm living with you so that I can see this everyday.
Love the bedding. And love the pillows. I think I have an infatuation with pillows - and those are definitely SO adorable. Love.

Love you Cousin. I miss you!