All those bakery's are catch'n up to me.

Soundtrack: Andy Grammer - Keep Your Head Up

Isn't this a cool photograph? It reminds me of my day...

And what a weird day it was. After the whole tickets without even knowing I was getting tickets incident.. my day just did not seem normal. I finished it off by ripping my 1 of 2 pairs of jeans. Huge rip on my upper left thigh. Bahah, we tried to take some pictures of it, unfortunately they all just looked extremely inappropriate. Of course, it couldn't be the jeans that I bought at Nordstrom on sale for twenty bucks! It had to be the eighty dollar ones from Karma. Oh the irony of my day. Staying positive here... 1. I have a giftcard from Nordstrom I've been saving for months now just in case of an emergency. 2. We got a good laugh out of it. 3. It could have been embarrassing, but instead I was with close friends. 4. I could have been in a position where I wasn't able to go home & change.. like work, or school. 5. I think its God's way of telling me that I need to buy a gym pass... BEFORE I get extremely over-weight. All that bakery hopping in NYC finally kicked in. 6. It makes for a good story.

Anyways, so after that happened, my brain went into melt down mode. But instead of getting upset, like normal people would have... I began laughing. Not just chuckling, or a light laugh. Belly laughing. The kind of laughing that makes your stomach hurt & you can barley breathe. On top of that, tears were streaming down my face... not a couple here & there.. mascara smearing, bucket filling amounts of tears. I was laughing so hard that I began crying. This continued for a good twenty minutes... my four friends were staring at me in disbelief... which made me laugh even harder!

We were meeting with the missionaries following that & I still needed to go put on some new pants! To combat my weird mood we sang at the TOP of our lungs to the soundtrack song mentioned above (three times), as well as some Mariah Carey, Ian Axel, Mika, Cee Lo Green - its amazing what music can do.

I've gotta go to bed. This day & all that jet lag is gonna kill me.

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