15 reasons why YOU should come visit ME.

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It was an eventful week/end. Best friend TAYLOR came into town! In addition to our Greg Laswell concerting (previously posted) we participated in about 235985 fun activities. Fifteen specifics include:

1. Making mitchell jealous with an instagram in front of the castle.

2. Taking a few (28,000) photos of the pirates inside POTC.

3. Me getting overly excited about never before pictured with characters. Taylor got to see my TRUE disneyland side. & YES, you're seeing this correctly. Rafiki, Hook & The Evil Queen ALL OUT... AT NIGHT!

4. Made a quick side stop up in Nor Cal, San Fran to be specific.

5. Growing a quick mustache as a side note to watching the fireworks atop a terror ringing tower.

5. Waking up as a toy, inside a box.

5. Riding the "Silly Symphony Swings" multiple times.

6. While screaming. (not pictured)

7. Witnessed the "life altering" show, World Of Color.

8. Ate a MOST delicious cookie sundae.

That was day 1. Day 2 was Beverly Hills adventure. & day 3 went something like this:

9. Brought hungry havoc to the local pei-wei.

10. got a filling kids meal for 3.00 (best deal ever).

11. tried all the kinds of fanta on the (welcome to the future) rocketship soda dispenser.

- lime = bathroom cleaner.
- raspberry = cough medicine.
- peach = throw up.
& thats all I was brave enough to try.

12. received our fortunes.
Mine coincided!
"A bold and dashing adventure is in your future within the year." (prince charming?)
"A zesty partner can help you in your efforts to get ahead."
(yay for a zesty prince charming & helping me reach royalty, the top of the social ladder!)

13. So Cal sunsets. Need I say more?

14. Pinkberry provided by Tay's WONDERFUL parents. (following a totally fake trip to SPRINKLES, what kind of cupcake cafe closes at 7pm on a friday night?)

15. Two trips to Fashion Island, more specifically, Anthropologie.

Dear Taylor, please come again? Other best friends, come join me?

^her version of the week linked above.

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Erika Rae said...

oh cousin.
I need some disneyland/california right now.