Sluffing in San Diego.

Soundtrack: Ferras - Soul Rock.

If you read the post previous to this one, you'd be aware of how I was unneeded at work & decided on self proclaimed cancelation of class today. Hence, Mims & I jumped in the car this morning, visited the LDS San Diego temple, which is basically a ginormous castle on the side of the freeway - at least to those who are unaware of the Mormon church. There were even non-members taking wedding photographs on the grounds - makes sense, seeing as it's a gorgeous building.

After which, we drove further south to Sea Port Village, which is closer to downtown - bought a delicious lunch followed by fresh baked cookies from a cute little window next to the docks.
No trip to city is complete without a stop in the 1970's... am I right? How cool is this building?

That's about it. Better than English class? I think so.

(but not better than skipping Math class, "this is so much better than math class." tay/mitch)


EmilyAnne said...

Dearest Chels.
You look lovely.
That is all.

Ashley said...

Did you take all those pictures of the Temple!? I had spring break last week, and we came to California and were 30 minutes from the San Diego Temple!! I've only seen it at night time, and it's beautiful, but I'm sure it's just STUNNING in the day time :)

Chelsie Clarke said...


taylor morgan said...

missing math class.... MISS IT.