Soundtrack: Ingrid Michaelson - Blueberry Boy 1994. This is me with my older brother nick & retro mama at Disneyland 17 years ago. Today, when I pulled into the parking lot, pouring rain, I pulled a pancho out of my trunk.. It just happened to be one of the same panchos as seen in these photographs.

And so, the magic began.
First off, Mims & I went on California Scream'n in the pouring rain... twice. Turns out especially when you sit in the front two seats, rain hitting your face at such speeds occurring on this attraction, it feels more like tiny knives piercing your face, rather than harmless droplets of hydrogen & oxygen.
I then called my mother & asked if she would find the retro photos in the dusty album & text them to me. She's the greatest ever, so she did...almost instantly. We then ran around Disneyland recreating moments of my childhood. The last photo, at the front entrance in front of the gate was too dark & turned out horrible, but we got the other two for the most part!

What an adventure. We came home absolutely soaking wet. I personally had a blast, though.. I dunno about Mims. What can I say? From before I can even remember I've been entranced by the magic of Disneyland, even in the pouring ran.

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taylor morgan said...

i cannot wait to be there with you in less than 3 weeks!!!!