My life is TOO cool.

Soundtrack: The Temper Trap, Sweet Disposition

It all started out like this,
a beautiful drive up to Los Angeles with Mims. We saw buildings like these,
& set my phone's gps to find this,
well, we found that, turns out its just as cool as we thought it would be,
it even has this cool plaque on it,
we hung out there for awhile, picked the flowers, hung out with the homeless people,
as if that weren't cool enough, we then made our way over to chinatown,
started off by purchasing friendship buddhas to put on our dashboards ($2),
however, the best deal of all... turtles. TWO for $5, not just one, TWO,
(these are the illegal tinnie tiny minature ones)
in other words, let me introduce you to our newest best friends,
Thaddius & Theodore!
Theo is the chipper one, totally loves the camera. Thady on the other hand is a bit shy & likes to stay in his shell for the most part.
Regardless, they are AWESOME, seriously though, we have had a blast playing with them for the remainder of the night. They crawl all over you and are just these tiny bundles of absolute bliss. We made them a new home, they have already adjusted, loving it. Who says money can't buy happiness? Today's $5 most definitely did.


taylor morgan said...

be careful. you can get salmonella from turtles. :)

Megan said...

i was going to tell you the same thing... ha ha! i love their names though! what do you feed them? i wish i was there to have adventures like this with you! miss you like mad!

Emily Shay said...

bahaha if only earnest could join in the fun! unfortunately he is a little stale these days... :(

Ashley said...

stop! i love the turtles. i almost bought some in florida but i didn't think they'd hide in my shoe for an entire plane ride home.

Kathryn Sabria said...

I love this post!! And the 500 days of summer thing..totally great. You are living the life right now! :) You are absolutely beautiful.