It's about time.

Soundtrack: Coldplay - Glass of Water

That I finish this book I've been ranting and raving about to so many of my friends. It's one of those books that are so good that you don't want it to end, so you put off reading the last couple chapters for weeks, just so it'll last longer. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is the secret to everyday smiles, in book form. Everyone needs to read it. Really though, you can pick up a copy of it on Amazon for under $8, a small amount that you won't regret spending. Those of you who know me, I'm not one to go purchasing books, especially ones I've never heard of, or reading them for that matter. However, when I picked up a copy in Anthropolgie I knew after reading just the first couple pages that it was a book I would be purchasing, no matter what the cost. I recommend it for all ages in all situations. This bright blue book is a fun read with such wonderful ideas and suggestions of how to achieve everyday happiness. Everyone can always be happier, making this book suitable for all. After all, it is what got me blogging again!

Speaking of happiness - even though my morning consisted of a lot of poop from both children, I could not be happier listening to G laugh on the couch, watching lizards run across the cinderblock fence outside the window & most of all the fact that there is currently a marathon of "Dear Genevieve" running on HGTV. (:

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