I think I'll stick to being a photographer.

Soundtrack: Bill Withers - Lean On Me

Once again, I unexpectedly had the day off. Seeing as I was already showered and ready for the day, I made my way to the grocery store - I had decided to combat my empty schedule with baking. Like usual, I kept forgetting ingredients, making my way to the store more than once. I picked up what I needed for lunch, & everything to make green pistachio cupcakes (to celebrate st. pattys!) - turns out I forgot white cake mix. However, I wasn't willing to make yet another trip to the store. THAT my friends, is where the disaster began.

It was followed by egg messes, baking soda/powder mishaps - all in order to create a makeshift cake mix! (dont worry, I at least was following a recipe on the internet!)

Turns out, my cake mix clashed with the recipe - that & maybe incorrect baking times/temps left my cupcakes coming out of the oven like that. The center picture happens to be my personal favorite. Out of all 24 that I baked, I was able to get 4, count 'em 4 decent looking ones. I'm taking them to a friend. Although they look AWFUL, they taste pretty good (:

This one turned out the best. Sad right?

It all turned okay though, I laughed A LOT, my mom (over speaker phone) got quite a kick out of how awful I still seem to be at baking. Best of all, I picked up some simply apple, which makes any day wonderful. Just another beautiful disaster. When is TLC gonna call me up to be on DC Cupcakes? Thats what I wanna know, I think I have what it takes to be a professional baker, don't you? bahah!

p.s. I still have all my ingredients for "lunch" - However, I'm all baked out.. at least until dinner. (: Stay tuned.

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