Heaven in sandwich form.

Soundtrack: The Radio Dept. - I Don't Like It Like This

Have you ever had the pleasure of letting your mouth fill with saliva over one of these beauties? Disneyland is a master chef when it comes to their Monte Cristo sandwich. At 17.49 a pop - these things are worth every bit of indulgence. I know that sounds awfully expensive, but if you haven't had the opportunity of sinking your teeth into one of my personal top 5 favorite foods of all time - you haven't lived. Plus, if you can flirt your way out of paying 15 dollar parking, 2.49 isn't that much for a sandwich! Whomever invented such a delicious meal should be declared a saint, I don't know how they decided all these flavors would work.. but they DO.

After our stomachs were filled, the fairy godmother gave us dating advice - totally practical.

Many people have verbally expressed how crazy they think it is that I attend a personal disneyland celebration every Tuesday after class - especially my sad excuse for an English professor. However, if you've ever chased down Peter Pan with him yelling things like "come on girl!" & "I like girls, wanna picture girl?" as he jumps over rails and benches (I'm telling you, he's the real deal) - you'd understand a little bit more of my excitement in this money sucking, tourist magnet. I find it to be complete & utter magic. I'm never growing up.


Erika Rae said...

Bahahah I LOVE this. (: Disneyland totally makes me feel like a little 6 yr. old. ps. I can totally see you in my mind, chasing after Peter. Hilarious.

Ashley said...

where do you get your monte cristo in disneyland? have you ever been to the blue bayou by pirates of the caribbean and gotten theirs? it's the number one best food i've ever eaten and i get it every time i'm at disneyland.

Chelsie Clarke said...

That is where I tried them originally! Aren't they the VERY best? You can get them across the street at the New Orleans Cafe as well! (: I'm pretty sure you can't get them anywhere else than those two places in New Orleans.

Kathryn Sabria said...

I'm obsessed with Monte Cristo! I've never met anyone who loves them as much as I do. I feel like I'm living vicariously through you. I love disneyland.