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Life gets pretty exciting when you start looking forward to things. I'm in one of those "I'm so happy about life" moods. Which is hilarious, because just weeks ago I was the exact opposite. I love how bi-polar I am, though aren't we all? My mother tells me, "Chels, You live life to the fullest - when you're happy, you are really happy. When you're upset, you are really upset. But it makes life interesting - especially for the rest of us!" She couldn't have got that more spot on. Like my roomie mimi has come to find out - it doesn't take much to make Chelsie really happy. Things like croaking frogs, letters in the mailbox & melted cheese leave me with tears of excitement for life rolling down my cheeks - if you don't believe me, ask her, it's true! And that usually sets the mood for the remainder of the day. Tonight I found out I don't have work tomorrow, leading me to the decision of skipping school & going to San Diego instead! I had to go into her room, jump on top of her & wake her up just because I was so excited about my realization of what tomorrow will bring. Now I can't sleep. I'm too happy! So instead I have been online shopping - Anthro & Urban outfitters. I'm wish-listing items for my birthday (less than a month!) & things I want to make with my mom.

{how cool are these hooks!? perfect for moving around in college, cuz you dont have to put any nails in the walls!}

{I love these pillowcases, especially because they match the hooks, & would go great with a patchwork quilt}

{instead of paying $200 dollars for completely unpersonal quilt, I'm going to pick out the fabrics & make my own, or get my mom to do it, since although I can & know how to quilt, I don't exactly love it}

Between the excitement of these future purchases, projects & how much I cannot wait to wear the canvas jacket & floral skirt I purchased at H&M tonight - sleeping is not coming any time soon.

{jacket looks similar to this, minus the belt for $29.99, love H&M.}

I've kind of been in this excitement for the future mood all day actually - planning my wedding while waiting for class (such a girl thing to do, I know) now just to find that groom! Though, I'm in no rush.

I'm so happy right now! Bring it on life, I'm excited. Can hardly wait for birthdays, New York (everything that it entails), seeing my family, summer-time in provo, figuring out my life, & tomorrow!

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