Frogs & snails.

Soundtrack: Catherine Feeny - Mr. Blue

Perfect ending, to a perfect weekend. Around 10:30 tonight, Mims came into my room asking me to join her on a walk through the rain. In reality it was more like a fine mist, tickling our faces as we strolled down the street. We quickly discovered that the roads were covered in hundreds of snails & made a game of trying to avoid them. Have you ever stepped on a snail? It is arguably one of the worst occurrences ever. You can feel their fragile shell crush beneath your foot, not to mention the cracking sound it makes. Awful. Anyways, we walked for a mile or so, successfully avoiding the crushing any helpless slugs. After dancing in the intersections for a bit, we turned back toward home. Between chasing the sounds of croaking frogs & watching the steam roll of the pavement, it could not have been a more serene experience. That was only until we were deep in conversation about previous "first snows" that I unexpectedly smashed a poor soul & couldn't contain the shriek that escaped my mouth. Utterly disgusting. To this second I can't get the sound out of my head, still makes my stomach churn. Though, an hour after leaving we walked back into the house, sopping wet, curly hair, completely content.

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