The French got it right this time.

Soundtrack: Death Cab For Cutie - A Diamond and a Tether

I've got this weakness. An odd one at that. Most of my friends don't really understand why, though they have witnessed that it is real. I have a weakness for french cuff shirts. I think they are possibly the most classy thing to ever hit the fashion industry. Throw on some simple cufflinks, and you've dressed up any attire. Any man that really knows how to dress will have a couple these and a few skinny ties in his closet. Pair that with a nice slim cut suit, you've got me drooling. There is a nigh automatic attraction to most men that pull these off. Can't help myself.


taylor morgan said...

three simple phrases..

shopping at tjmaxx... park city.. tyler.

C said...

Girl, I completely agree, if he's sporting the slim cut suit I'm as good as his ;)

Erika Rae said...

Mmm. LOVE this. (: Gotta love a man that can pull this off.