Day Three.

Woke up to puddles on the streets of Times Square.

Went bakery hopping with our good friends the Buchanan's:

1. Crepes @ Europan.
2. Italian Doughnuts @ Bomboloni.
3. Cupcakes & Muffins @ Magnolia.

Endured the frozen tundra of Yankee Stadium & even ate hot dog.
We won.
two, count 'em two homeruns.

Finished off the perfect day with dinner at Serendipity 3. Meatloaf & best of all... Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. Then ran down 5th Ave to the greatest Urban Outfitters out there, bought some decor for my summer apartment.

Once again, needless to say, I'm enjoying my stay.


taylor morgan said...

i want to see this decor!!!

Linda said...

So Glad you have had a great time!~ We missed you, but are so happy to share in the pictures. Looks perfect! YOU WENT TO SERENDIPITY! Yeahhhh! Great pictures Chelsea. When are you getting here? xoxox

Chere said...

Why is your Mom not there with you!!! I must say Cam and I are having a marvelous time together, so all is not lost! enjoy your time with Ty. Sure love you! xoxo

Ann Mitchell said...

Where is your summer apartment? Yeah...Cameron's having a GREAT time in my science class!