Somebody tell Roth that I don't love college.

Soundtrack: Ingrid Michaelson - Once Was Love.

It's been known although I somehow pull off good grades, I don't take college seriously. I can count on one hand the amount of hours I spent last semester studying, that's writing papers & group projects included. Believe it or not, I got all A's, with one B+. I'm not naive, I knew it would eventually catch up to me! It did, I was slaughtered by my Art History exam last Thursday. Which brings us to Tuesdays's rare activity...
I actually looked the part of a college student! I went into the library for the first time in my short college career & actually checked out books, not only that, but I brought them home, even cracked 'em open. I've decided I am not going to fail my English midterm. Short stories here I come..
Although, I think I'm having more fun taking photographs than actually studying.
Only time will tell.. wish me luck!


Megan said...

do we have the same glasses?... i think we might! love you!

Mitchell Tanner Finlinson said...

I love the pictures they look so good, I love you too