Today's mess.

Soundtrack: Greg Holden - Following Footsteps.

I have a mess of random thoughts to share with you today. Lets begin with this:
Greg Holden's "Folllowing Footsteps"
^ just listen to it, its great, coming off his new not yet released album

Katie Costello's "Cassette Tape"
^from her recently released album Lamplight

NOW - be good boys & girls and go to itunes and check out the rest of their wonderful work.
I'd also just like to reiterate how much I LOVE my job & this adorable little boy who comes with it. (more photos on my site.)

Third & lastly - can anybody tell me where all the eligible men who look & dress like this are hiding? ... if any of you readers happen to be one, speak now - you get a free photoshoot.


Megan said...

i would like to find them too! if you find them, invite me to hang with you guys! love you chels!

taylor morgan said...

yeahhhh if you find them tell them you know a girl who is willing to pay the big bucks if they teach her how to kiss.....BAHAHBSHABSHABSHA

Mom said...

You really don't have to look too far - your brother! Sorry that doesn't work out for you but it does for everybody else!

Chelsie Clarke said...

psh, he already got a free photoshoot. and NO it doesnt work out for me! why cant he at least be friends with people like him!?