Such is life.

Soundtrack: Noah And The Whale - 2 Atoms In A Molecule

My life goes something along the lines of this.. Tomorrow I'm waking up at 7 a.m. driving up to the LA Galaxy practice facility to meet this guy right here, Mr. Sexy himself. It just happens to be one of those perks that comes with the greatest job ever. Not to mention, Brad (no competition best employer out there) threw in a free DBeck jersey, he wanted me to have something for him to sign.
This past Tuesday, a friend of mine let me in on his sweet hookup of free 10th row Lakers tickets. Right!? I know. To be completely honest with you, I'm not even a basketball or much of a lakers fan - but I do think that Andrew Bynum is a 9.9 on the scale of hot basketball players & I needed to look the part of a 10th rower, so I bought a jersey.. it was only 30 bucks. I am also aware that I look completely ridiculous in the photograph below, but how can I not? I have some free awesome 'banger' things! As cliche as it sounds I felt like a kid in a candy shop!

To top it all off, in just one month I will be in the Bronx of New York - attending my beloved Yankees' opening day celebration. Witnessing, yet again, those classy pinstriped bombers hit 'em outta the park.
What I'm trying to say is... when is my football hookup coming? What a LIFE! I could not be more lucky. Stand by for photos of tomorrow's adventure.

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