samedi succès.

soundtrack: the 500 days of summer ost - never a wrong choice.
to begin, this would be quite the distraction when studying in the library. there is no doubt in my mind that I would never be able to go back to concentrating on the current task. not to mention what was going through the mind of civilians on the street outside the library, as they watch three ghosts run past, only to find that there are 4 men in jump suits chasing after them! baha, of course! why wouldn't the ghost-busters be running through the streets of new york!? how does any one have anything but an above average day after witnessing that? I discovered this back in the summer on the immensely entertaining and thoroughly creative, Color Me Katie blog, which is simply fabulous. It's a group that call themselves improv everywhere. last saturday I spent my saturday evening at anthropologie for hours, well, I found myself completely helpless when stole my evening last night. make sure that you check this out when you have an extra hour or so. in addition to this one, my favorites had to of been the black tie beach event, as well as the mp3 experiment. make sure you continue to click 'older posts' at the bottom of the page until your brain explodes with enthusiasm for life. between this & finishing off the night with the classic 1995 film 'a little princess', which makes me shed tears without fail - thank you instant play netflix (& erika) for making me feel like a 7 year old little princess, yet again.. I'd say it was a pretty successful saturday.

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