petit enfant.

soundtrack: the cinematic orchestra. - reminds me of banana republic.

this is garrett. every morning I wake up, brush my teeth, comb my hair, throw on a hoodie & make my way over to this guy's humble abode. why am I telling you? well because I'm starting over with my blog. even though I'm not deleting anything, I'm going in a different direction. I'm sick of ranting. how does this relate to garrett? well because garrett gets a fresh start every day, even when he wipes his snot on my shirt, begs me to make food that he wont eat & crawls all over my face. although the previous day may have been another one of those 'worst days ever' when I walk into his morning I forget about yesterday & he gets a clean slate of tolerance & enjoyment for the day. so forget the ranting. I'm gonna be a child, forget yesterday, we're starting over. more photos, more fun, more frequently.