Soundtrack: Andrew Belle - My Oldest Friend.
Gar was my valentine today.. such an adorable one at that! He gave me kisses & hugs all day - ate sugar cookies & snuggled on the couch watching Toy Story 2. PERFECT valentines day.
I brought him a pink sugar cookie & card for his valentine.. I'm not sure if it was able to EAT any of the cookie or if all of it just ended up on his face. :P
SOMEHOW over the past couple days I accumulated ALL these valentines! How'd I accomplish this without a boyfriend!? I should consider staying single forever.. either that or continue to surround myself with the BEST friends & family a girl could ask for! Homemade cookies, PBC's, Disney Pez, FABULOUS letters, Toy Story valentines, vintage cards, ROSES! Special shout out to jaimer who is the best friend ever - made SURE my valentines day was great! I love you all - I am so blessed to have all these people in my life! I sure miss you all in utah, but the Hartley's have definitely made living in so cal anything but lonely - still can't wait to get back this summer & play with my girls in p-town! Happy V-Day!

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