I baked.

Soundtrack: The Oscars (James Franco's beautiful voice).

I have a stash of unused recipes, most of them happen to be bake-able items. I love baking, such a natural high, wouldn't you say? Although I haven't always been the best of a baker (when I was 10 I substituted 2 cups of water for sugar in no-bake cookies?), I think I've turned over a new leaf as I've progressed in age. This weekend, I didn't do much, all I really wanted to do was bake. So after napping most of the weekend away, I made my way to the store and picked up the ingredients for;
The cookies were delicious. Especially with milk.
The muffin sized lasagnas were great too! They didn't turn out as pretty as the pictures, but they were still totally yummy! And SUPER easy to make! Wonton wrappers are awesome.

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taylor morgan said...

i was watching beautiful james franco as well.... and when alice in wonderland won.. they played the ALICE song and i called you... & you did not answer!