Decisions, Decisions.

Soundtrack: Sondre Lerche - Say It All.
Is there a better way to finish off tonight than a bowl of peanut butter cup ice cream, smothered in chocolate sauce? I think not. The cherry on top - deciding between two favorite movies Flyboys, or, because I never got to it the other day, (500) Days of Summer. Franco is a babe & was a wonderful host of the Oscars tonight, but JGL is just right up there as well.

Right? Are you seeing this like I am? These classy fellows with their impecable fashion, 'bout kills me. Looks like the roommate gets to be the tie breaker, I'm off to find Mims.

p.s. the tie has been broken, Franco it is.

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Erika Rae said...

AH. James Franco is a babe. Yum. annnnd that dessert...LOOKS DELICIOUS. i want to eat both up. (: