calcetines mexicano.

soundtrack: meiko - boy's with girlfriends.
while we're on the subject of the joys of my job. let me just share with you the funniest thing that has ever come out of this child's mouth. it starts with me wearing my favorite stance socks to work. seeing as their bright, striped & hard to miss, g definitely had something to say about them. he gleefully strides over to me and says in his adorable 3 year old voice "chelsie! you have striped socks! let me tell you the colors!" of course I told him I would be overjoyed if explained my hued ankles. he replied by pointing to each stripe with the following commentary, "red apple.. silver(black).. yellow banana.. green enchilada sauce!" glad to know this kid has got his mexican food condiments down, he's bound to go far in life.

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