soundtrack: andrew belle - don't blame yourself (I could listen to this all day everyday).
in my short life, I'd say I've opened up somewhere over a hundred fortunes. that's not a huge amount, but enough to know that fortunes are pretty much never accurate, let alone personal. though it is always fun to see what the Chinese gods have to say.. personally, I read them, stick them in the back of my phone with my battery & don't really give them much thought following the 30 seconds after reading. however, following months of anticipating a letter from a dear best friend of over 4 years, located in beautiful Washington, the Chinese gods made quite the impression. it'd been one of those really tough weeks, I found myself at P.F. Chang's, our waiter's last costumers, late on the 19th of january. to make the story short, after cracking this cookie, a lot more than 30 seconds of thought was given to such a small piece of paper, carrying such a large phrase. never in my life have I loved asian tradition more. but what makes the story really great, is that out of all 119 days of waiting, this friend choice the same night to sit down & write me one heck of a fantastic letter, breaking all sorts of curfew rules to be sure that it was post marked for the following morning of january 20th. not only did I soon receive a letter, it turned out to be the most accurate fortune I've ever laid hands on. not to mention 2 letters the following week. the chinese gods love me.

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