location; office chair
listening to;
the ladder - andrew belle
avoiding; this saturday night that won't end.

Okay - Andrew Belle, new discovery. I'm in love, to say the least, he reminds me of Greg Laswell, ALWAYS a good sign - & yes, I know you just want to know if he made it on to a playlist with ing, the answer is yes. Glad we got that outta the way. Well, I've moved yet again. Lets see.. I've done that five times now in the past 6 months. The last house was great. But this one is even better, cheaper, that's for sure. Oh & its grand, aside from the fact that I only get internet in one room of the house and cell service in next to absolutely NONE. You all know how "connected" I am. So this has really turned out to be quite the trial.. not to mention I only moved in less than 24 hours ago. Other than that... & a few other things. My new home of San Clemente is beautiful, & as of late, beaming with warmth. Today we hit 80ยบ. Did I mention its mid-January? Right, so I can't really complain seeing as I started off my day in Hunting Beach, to Bobalin's great excitement, none other than the Sugar Shack... Banana Pancakes on the patio? Yes. The rest of the day was fun-filled, however, most importantly - WARM. Every great thing has its trade off though. Although I daily get to experience summer, in the dead of winter - my social life is non-existant. Leaving me much to much time to think. Thinking can be dangerous for someone like myself - gets me in these moods where I feel all helpless. Right now, I feeling this helplessness, as well as, disconnected, a little fat, boy-less, hungry, irritated, though overall I'm just BORED. So to the gods above - for heavens sake! Send me a cell tower & a couple boys to keep myself sane. If you're not feeling that generous, at least give me some Ben & Jerry's & some television show full of some messed up people's dramatic lives - just get my mind outta the clouds.

This post was boring, informative, but boring. if you read this, you should probably find some way better to spend your time next time you feel the urge to come back. I feel a slight bit of guilt for wasting your time, although what's really important is that the second season of Southland just finished downloading, so now I have something to do. Au Revoir.

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