I realize it's a little late. Over-due. Belated. But you know when you have to fill in those "secret questions" in order retrieve your passwords from important sites and what not? Well in the middle of the summer, I forgot my password to login to my school account. The secret question was "who is your best childhood friend?" - after typing in the same name countless times, it kept telling me I was wrong. Not to worry people! I got my mother on the phone, as I often do. I informed her of my quarrel with the obviously-malfunctioning OCC website. Mom "Well whats the secret question?" Me "Who is your best childhood friend?" Mom "Well didn't you put in Mikelle Mikesell?" (like it is the obvious answer, even a mother knows that.) OF COURSE I had typed in Mikelle Mikesell is that even a question? I was 100 percent sure that she has and will always be the answer to that question. ... I had just left the caps lock button on.

You (may or may not have) guessed it people! This post is a dedicatory birthday post to my life long, dearest, loveliest, craziest, gets me mostest, best friend, Kell. (: I'm not gonna write up any really embarrassing childhood stories, just cuz, if you know the two of us, chances are, we've already told ya all the good ones. I just want to make a BIG, HUGE, MAGNIFICENT shout out to the greatest thing that hit my life since birth. She's gotten me though oceans of problems, and put up with countless bad decisions. She's my MOH, and the older sister I never had. I hope that this year brings happiness, laughter & just straight up FREAKINSPECTAWESOMNASICNESS. (: I love you Kellular. Happy Birthday.

do we see a reoccurring theme in these photos? typical.

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