location; the futon.. this bed is getting old.
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hesitate - jason walker
avoiding; sleep, like always

Here I am, post concert. Doesn't it feel SO good? Simply put, the event I attended tonight, would belong in the category of.. "things to live for". It was in a small venue, quiet & cozy. Greg Holden performed brilliantly, between his quaint british accent, and the sound of his fingers sliding against the frets of the guitar in through cleverly compositions, I couldn't help but feel content. Although I was forced to go alone, seeing as my "people" base is quite small, my camera made a fantastic concert companion. Following his (Greg H.) and the fabulous Katie Costello's set, I was able to talk with the ever so talented artist. I introduced myself & was sure to acknowledge how much I enjoyed the previous two hours, not to mention his music in general, informed him of the fans that are waiting for him in Salt Lake City, he got very excited at that news. After which, he wanted my opinion on suitable venues for his visit to Utah, I told him my favorites, then we got on to the discussion of doing a backyard set.. get ready Utah, Mr. Holden will hopefully be playing in my backyard next summer while on tour in the west. Needless to say, that made my night! To top it off, he signed and gave me a free T-shirt for being enthusiastic about his music! Good show, and "afterparty".

Its definitely been interesting living down here in California. For one, I love the area. Even when I am walking out to my car following a long day of work, I cant help but love the cool, humid nights, and the palm trees lining the way to transportation. Tonight, it is sprinkling in So Cal. I was able to drive home from Hermosa Beach, cruise control, windows down, heat blasting. I love how my body gets so confused as to what it should do about the temperature. I get the chills due to the cool breeze coming through the windows, but then the hot air hitting my hands on the steering wheel is almost painfully hot! I'm not sure why... I love that feeling, I prefer to drive in that said climate more than any. The rain was light, just enough to need the windshield wipers whenever the glare of an over head street lamp reflected off the light mist on the glass. My new home is a beautiful environment to say the least, despite the traffic, I love the feeling of my surroundings. If only I could have both. My people & this place.

Thats all for now, thanks for letting me dip into bucket of a brain, full of random thoughts.

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