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where the road meets the sun - matthew perryman jones & katie herzig
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Okay, so today.. was semi-fantastic. In fact, I'd say it was probably the best day I've experienced here in California thus far. Lets start from the top, tuesdays usually begin with me dragging myself out of bed, exhausted, several hours short of what my body thinks is a good night's sleep. However, today was different! I woke up, feeling rested and ready to go, got out the door on time, followed by the unheard-of trafficless drive on the 5, 405, & 55 to the gorgeous coastal city of Newport Beach. I was early, which allowed the next best part of the day.. a twenty minute nap in the front seat of my car. Now, it took me about 30 minutes to paddle out into the ocean, seeing as the waves were 6+ feet tall! Which, for Newport Pier especially, is practically MASSIVE. Bobbing around in the water was definitely an experience, some might say, life or death. Hahaha, although I'd like to say I actually SURFED the waves, much to my dismay I can only claim that I simply road the waves (on my stomach that is), for they were just too big for my beginner skills to handle! So there was that, and then all these little things in between, but I'm skipping ahead.. its after midnight, and I'm tired. School = getting out of all my classes early. After school is where the real greatness began, straight from school to Chick-fil-a to get some FREE food, have I ever mentioned how much I truly love free stuff? Regardless of what it is. But I mean, who doesn't? Following the filling of my stomach, I found myself in the Downtown Disney parking lot, yes, free parking. Cousin Krista & I went straight to toon town, took a bajillion photos, followed by the ride of the night. Toy Story Mania in California Adventure. TOTALLY great. I had a blister on my back left heel due to my coldplay shoes, that are not walking sufficient, which is where we ended the MAGICAL experience of Disneyland. *side note: I honestly believe DL is THE most magical place on this earth, you can ask my cousins, I get teary eyed just when I start talking about a trip to magic town! I can't think of anything that makes me more giddy. I feel like I'm seven again when I'm there, heel-clicking down the pathways. I want everyone to experience this. Thank goodness for my mother who knew the IMPORTANCE of raising magically educated children, I was brought up to think so highly of this place! *end side note. We then pursued on the next event of the day, changed into skirts in the car, and attended the Newport Beach Temple, which is gorgeous, did baptisms with the singles ward. Which was sweet because people from the ward ran everything, instead of having the temple workers there, it was just all of us! What a great mood the temple puts you in! FOLLOWING that! Half the ward went to BJ's which is delicious, and to TOP IT ALL off, one of the guys in the ward secretly paid for all of our food, appetizers, pizzas, deserts all included. Couldn't have ended better. I am in love with today. And the pure magic of Disneyland.

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