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Wow. Here I am, summer after graduation has come and is gone, I've been to the East Coast and back, finding myself in the beautiful area of Southern California. I've realized how much I appreciate Provo. Living at King Henry apartments was easily the most enjoyable summer of my short existence - learned a lot about myself & life not to mention had extensive amounts of FUN! Now located in Orange County, definitely not the same dynamics of my summer. New, fun, and different. So Cal needs more hott LDS men though, that much I WILL say.

Oh by the way, I can die now. Yankees Stadium - check. I ended my fantastic summer traveling to the overly incredible City of New York. Attended two Yankees games, one of which with amazingggggggg seats. I could see the facial expressions of Derek Jeter & what a VIEW, Robinson Cano has the sexiest butt in the MLB. It was definitely a highlight of my life thus far. The rest of the city was amazing as always, and we changed things up a bit this year and drove to DC for a couple days. Our nation's history is spectacular, it was so interesting to see everything the small yet full District of Columbia had to offer in just a few ours, especially after taking American Studies & APUS history in High School.

Getting TO college was quite the experience, one for the memories. My reputation of having horrible luck with cars did not fail me in the least. As my parents and I pulled out of Alpine, I turned to my mom & said, "Watch. We'll break down on the way to CA. Let's just hope we dont have to get a whole new car to make it down there." After passing Nephi, the RPM meter started whacking out, jumping all over the place, and you know that feeling you get when you just KNOW your car isn't acting normal and something bad is about to happen? Yeah, I'd had that for about 5 minutes. Just didn't feel right. Needless to say, 5 hours later, after a tow truck, uncle Mike driving down from Provo with the correct parts, a LOT of small town service & charm, lunch in our stomachs & a mechanic bill, we were back on the freeway. California or bust. I owe my mother the credit for SAVING me from further misfortune, she informed my pop that they would NOT be getting on the plane home until my father had made arrangements for a replacement car. Unfortunately that including driving an overly hideous PT Cruiser rental for a week until I was able to drive up to Las Vegas to pick up my new, so cute, dark 'yankee' blue, reliable(cross your fingers), honda civic. It all sounds easy, but acquiring the car was QUITE the process, cousin Krista and myself definitely made it into an adventure.

Well, so far, school is bearable, job is unfound, and california weather is lovely. We'll see how long the finances will allow me to stay. For now, I think I'll just splurge and go to Disneyland every night for the rest of the seeable future.

p.s. concerts in California are EXPENSIVE.

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Deb said...

you posted this on sept. 7th and I am now-october 10th- reading it. Must improve computer skills/desire. however, you write so well. keep going. bob