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Your Ghost - Gregory Laswell The Great.
sleep... mostly.

Here is my schhhhpeeeallllll... I am convinced that I am theeeee most self-centered, negative person that I know currently. It feels like it should be friday tomorrow... however, its only tuesday - how crappy is that? Monday is undeniably the wost day of the 7 day week, its like a slap in the face "ha! the weekend is over, back to reality" and to top it all of, Medium the T.V. show the only thing that used to be good about Mondays was canceled, there is no hope anymore. I have one FREAKING fantastic life, everything has been so cut out for me, easyyyyy, and I am essentially incredibly grateful. I've quickly learned that my family will always be my best friend, and though at times they seem like the people to drive crazy, they're always here, always have been, always will be - as cliche as that sounds - its true. However, I am the very worst at showing my gratitude for this awesome life and I feel like I am always complaining, probably cause I am... I've really got to work on this. Thanks to all the people (most of which, will never read this) who are freaking awesome in my life. I love you. The male gender as a whole are all idiots, I don't care how awesome the guy is, they ALLL have idiotic qualities. And I just wanted to through that in there... I've yet to find one that doesn't. What else can I add to this rant? I love chick flick monday, tuesday, wednesday & thursday with Kennan Hamblin... it is what has kept me alive these past couple weeks. Oh and one quick shout out to College Board - I LOATHE AP classes... so thanks for inventing those! 3.5 weeks until the END of public education!! MY LIFE IS AWESOME. goodnight. (:

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meg. said...

as if i don't creep on your facebook enough either, i love your blog. you are a fantastic writer.