location; super cold office that is now BARREN cuz Autumn stole my colorful mural.
listening to; Save You - Matthew Perryman Jones (can you say love?)
avoiding; waiting for a phone call that we all know isn't coming tonight.

LETS SEE HERE. I believe it is BIRTHDAY BLOG time. I promised months ago that I would blog for ms Taylor Morgan Goff on her birthday, and thus far I have failed TERRIBLY. SO tonight I will not only blog FOR her birthday, but I will follow this post with one that she has also been after me for WEEKS now about my past trip to Hawaii/18th birthday.

Taylor is the bestestttttt friend you could ask for & this would be why;
  • She listens to me complain about the sameeee thing(s) over and over again.
  • She doesn't let a fight last more than 24 hours.
  • She lets me take pictures of her gorgeous face (blue eyes included).
  • She alwayssssss replies back to my phone calls/texts. (I LOVE THAT. I have too many friends that wont, and it drives me INSANE.)
  • She puts up with my weirdness.
  • She GOT me a passing grade in math class (and apparently 8th grade history as well)
  • She isn't afraid to be HERSELF (crazy yelling noises included).
  • She prefers whales over sharks.
  • She can make me laugh SO hard when I am trying my hardest to stay angry (Potter).
  • She lets me give her advice, without bringing too much gossip into my lifeeee(:.
  • She GIVES me advice.
  • She offers to drive when its her turn.
  • She shares my obsession of documenting (with photographs) every aspect of life.
  • She is spontaneous & joins me on my random decisions to drive to Park City
  • She loves Ridin Solo but will listen to Break Your Heart with me (: NOT TO MENTION she lets me play Ian Axel on repeat as long as I want, and doesn't complain.
  • She has one bad thing about her - she wont let me take a nap in the car.
  • She yells at me when I don't wear my glasses - endangering our lives as well as my math grade.
  • She knows when the devil is tempting us with rain to leave temple square.
  • She is crazy/hilarious/creative/perfect in her own way.
There are PLENTY more, I could go on for hours prolly. But most of all, she is simply just a fannntasttttic friend to me, and I can tell anyone with all honesty that I would NOT be making it through my senior year without her help. She has been everything I needed and I just freakin love her. And NOW for my first photo ever posted on my blog (she makes fun of me cuz I'm a photographer with no photos on my blog) I will showwww you our friendship (:

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taylor morgan said...

LOVE. that is all i have to say.
& before i even read it i saw the pictures and was screaming in my mind: MY BLOG POST IS THE FIRST ONE WITH PICTURES!!!
hahahah so thank you mam!!!!