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the very same phone call that still isn't coming.

Spring Break 2010 was quite the extravaganza. Despite the week of hell that preceded the glorious 10 day vacation, it turned out to be quite the success. The story wouldn't be complete if I didn't give a few details of the things required to be done before I was able to depart. I will begin by saying, undoubtedly the week prior to Spring Break was by far the worst week my senior year has brought me thus far. I was unquestionably over my head with the stress of AP homework, projects, drama, friends, family and overall my entire life. However, I did prevail, accomplished all that was to be done & on that blessed Friday morning I left Utah behind and tried to get away from the stress. I succeeded (apart from the night prior to returning home when I had a mini break down due to the thought of returning home, which I got out of my system & returned to bliss) in having a beyond lovely adventure with my very best friends, my family.

When we arrived at the airport my parents surprised me by informing me I was getting my first 18th birthday present early - a first class ticket. Which was fantastic, it was my first time traveling first class, more leg room - drinks, food, free movies - all great. We arrived on Maui a mere 8 hours later - with a layover in California, they paid us 600 dollars each to travel on a flight 20 minutes later, can I say totally worth it? I now have airline credit, so I can take a trip whenever I please! The weather forecast was rain, rain and more rain. However, against all odds, we saw no more than an hour of rain the entire trip!

The quick overview of what the trip consisted of would be this;laying on the beach, by the pool, on the grass - getting tan tan tan & more tan. Sunday brought OPENING day for my pride and joy - the Yankees (we represented with our team gear), watched the game at the sports bar. Photographing everything beautiful. Mountain biking down a volcano LITERALLY through the clouds - at some points you couldn't see 5 feet in front of the bike. Surfing! Hiking through bamboo forests, climbing up rope ladders on cliffs, through rivers and up waterfalls. Whale watching, which included baby whales jumping out of the water (SO COOL). Going to the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium with everything cool - sharks, turtles, fishies, stingrays etc etc. Eating DELICIOUS food for every meal. Ben and Jerrys - Kona Coffee shakes that keep you up all night - Hawaii Cheeseburgers from Cheeseburger in Paradise ETC ETC ETC! And for my blessed birthday SHOPPING - my mom surprised me with a trip to Tiffany's to pick out a piece of jewelry of my choice! I of coarse chose a ring, because I wear rings all day everyday. It was a birthday in paradise complete with my little blue box and I could not have been happier. My friends made it ultra special with texts starting at midnight and phone calls as early as 4 am.

But all good things must come to an end. And we had to return to dull utah. Enjoy the photographs.

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