location; atop the most comfortable mattress.
listening to; Rainiest Day Of Summer - Elizabeth & The Catapult (amazing. really.)
avoiding; such a pet peeve: drying my hair.

Just a little bit of reminiscing. Here I am, favorite big MLB t shirt on, wet hair, sitting in bed, looking around my room at all my photographs, avoiding drying my hair... cuz it's one of those things that I just do not enjoy doing. Don't any of you worry, I'm already past the point of considering doing homework, after the hair is dry, I'm definitely hitting the sack. But for now, I have these fabric covered cork boards in my room that I so creatively made this past fall. And as I'm sure you can imagine, they are covered in all kinds of photographs with the ones I love. I find my self currently preoccupied, lingering on the memories that each photograph brings me. It is a quick transport in time to past sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, and overall happiness.I could cry. I have had some wonderful experiences in the past couple years, surrounded by family & friends, I really should have nothing to complain about in life. Something that I have a hard time remembering. I must say... although it is tied with a couple others, the photograph on that board that I am most fond of would have to be of Kell, Dana, Jess & myself.. Corona Del Mar, California... on the beach, laughing, sunglasses & sunburns. It brings back memories of the most hilarious, spontaneous, hands down FUN trip. Such a happy time in my life. I got out of the drama of highschool for a week, forgot about everything going on at home and truly just partied with my forever best friends. Everything from sneaking into Disneyland, being chased down in the car by hot black men, running into friends from home in Newport, spilling balboa bars all over the place... and eating cereal with expired milk! It was definitely a highlight of 2009 and something that will be near impossible to forget. "schailboat.. nather". It is amazing to me the power of photographs, they make me incredibly happy. I am rarely found without a camera on my person. After all, if I'm not carrying around my Nikon, I have a point & shoot in my ever so famous "tapioca bag" and if all else fails.. the 3.2 mp camera on my trusty cell phone always is there to save the day. I think that's why I find such passion in taking photographs. There is nothing better to me then having an amazing experience... photographed. Its a snapshot back in time... allows me to never forget the things that have made my life everything I love. The only thing that can bring me back like that is specific songs. There is still no competition, a crisp, well taken, photograph full of expression beats any words. What a blessing cameras are to us all. That's all for today folks. Nothing too exciting or even near profound.... just a lot of passion for the quick snap of a shutter through glass.

p.s. I find a tad bit of interest in the fact that all my blogs thus far have been conjured up after 1 am. haha

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taylor morgan said...

i find a tad bit of interest in the fact that you talk about how much you love pictures and such, yet you do not have ONE on any posts :)) love.