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Its days like these, when I long for my brother to be only a phone call away. I'm in one of those, "I feel under-accomplished" moods. And all I really wanna do is shoot. But instead of throwing the nearest lens on my Nikon next to me, I sit and study the work of people who are truly accomplished (with hundreds of questions for nick exploding from every angle of the photograph). Those people who belong to the large group that fit under the category of "If you got to spend your day with any one person who would it be?" ... Today's "person",
Chris Weeks (please see Nickolas introduced me to his work, just a couple months before he left for Quebec. I yearn to know Week's secrets, I want him to teach me everything, to be looking through his lens, with whispers of what ISO, F-Stop, Shutter speed will produce his next work of art. However, this is an unrealistic dream, hence I need my brother. Scrutinizing each photo, and giving me his opinion on what he would have used to accomplish each shot, he would be nice to have around right about now. I know he isn't Chris Weeks, but he seems to know a lot more about this form of art than I do, and I'd like to continue to gain knowledge and opinion from the one who got me into this mess that is constantly consuming my thoughts. I have incredible amounts to learn, I know next to nothing about photography. And I'd like to know much much more, but I fear unless I make some awesome friends, the classroom is what is gonna get me there (college, come more swiftly). I'd like to do more street, get away from portraits, but I know what's bringing in money... haha. I need Nicola to come home, I know it is a mere 3ish weeks away, but that seems much too long, I want nothing much than to travel with him, doing nothing more than photographing everything, in every way possible, I can't imagine more of a vacation; Nick by my side, Camera in hand, iPod is a given, traveling somewhere new, learning from each other, getting awesome shots, and listening to the shutter snap back and forth, thousands of times.

p.s. reminiscing on past memories with Nicola...
We used to share this office, I'd often come down to this cold cave, overcome by his singing of Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" with a grin on his face... I have such clear memories of this. Also, we seemed to find hours of entertainment in the website located here : ... Oh please visit, find yourself "lost in translation" ... learn a little about other languages in the process. I miss him a lot, I've survived 23 months of his absence though haven't I? Lets just hope that this love lasts when he gets home... we weren't always the best of friends before I said "See ya in 2 years".

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